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Have you been injured as the result of an accidental slip and fall? Before you file an insurance claim, contact us and we'll work to help you get best possible result. Most often, the insurance company is not on your side, but we are. There may be time limits on how long you have to file. Seek immediate medical help and call us today.

Whether your slip and fall accident occurred on private or commercial property, the other party's insurance company will often fight the claim. With a thorough review of your claim, we can assure that your case is presented properly to help you secure the most favorable outcome.

Let us assess the facts of your claim

You have questions and we have answers. Trust in the experience of our lead attorney, Victor M. Re, former Assistant District Attorney for both the Bronx and Queens. Get the information you need to make a well informed decision about your claim. Call us for a FREE consultation.

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Seek immediate medical treatment

if you have been injured in an accidental slip

and fall. Call us before you file an insurance claim.


unless your case is successful. Call us now for a FREE consultation.